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General Terms and Conditions of the Service

  1. Content of the Service

Fiere di Parma S.p.A. (hereinafter referred to as “FdP”) with registered headquarters in Parma – Viale delle Esposizioni 393-A, makes available to exhibitors (hereinafter “Exhibitors” of ‘Mercanteinfiera’ (hereinafter “Exhibition”), a web service (hereinafter “Service”) that makes it possible to post advertisements of objects falling within the categories of goods that are the subject of the Exhibition itself. The Service also allows Exhibitors and interested users interested to contact each other.

  1. Ownership of the platform

FdP is the sole owner of the web platform (hereinafter “Platform”) through which the Service is run and of all the associated rights relating to use of the Platform. The limited liability company Aicod has been entrusted by FdP with the development and management of the Platform, and it may use the assistance of third parties.

  1. Terms of Use of the Service

Use of the Service is only allowed to adults (under Italian law, persons 18 years or older). Any use of the Service by minors implies the authorization and supervision of the parents or those with parental authority or legal guardianship, who will therefore assume all responsibility for the actions of the minor with regards to FdP and third parties involved in any capacity. The user undertakes not to falsify his/her identity and to comply with all applicable legal provisions.  Use of Service by the user is free and allows free consultation of the advertisements.

  1. Responsibility of the user

The user undertakes to use the form for the sole purpose of contacting the Exhibitor and exchanging information regarding the advertisement, using appropriate, ethical and proper language that complies with the law.  The user also assumes all responsibility for any damage that may result from use of the Service to his computer system.

  1. Limitation of liability

FdP gives no guarantees that the content of the posted advertisements, published data or information subsequently provided by the Exhibitor is complete and correct. FdP is not involved in negotiations that may arise from use of the Service and it guarantees neither their value or outcome, therefore no claims for restitution, compensation, reparation and/or reimbursement on any basis can be made to FdP. Relationships between users of the Service and the Exhibitor, as in purchase, exchange of information (including through the information request form), delivery and payment of goods or services, take place exclusively between user and Exhibitor, with FdP having no part in them.

The Service is offered through, which may contain banners/links to other Internet websites or applications that are not under the control of FdP; posting these banners/links does not entail the approval or endorsement by FdP of the websites or their contents, nor does it imply any form of guarantee by FdP, which therefore assumes no liability.  The user recognizes, therefore, that FdP is not responsible, purely by way of example, and without limitation, for the truthfulness, correctness, completeness, respect of intellectual and/or industrial rights, or for any violation of public order, public decency and/or morals. 

  1. Restrictions on the provision of the Service

FdP reserves the right to change, suspend or interrupt, wholly or in part, the Service at any time, without prior notice and without having to provide the reasons for such actions. FdP cannot be held liable for damages resulting from failure to provide the Service due to incorrect or non-functioning electronic means of communication for causes beyond its control.

By way of example, and without limitation, the malfunctioning of the services and other electronic devices that are not an integral part of the Internet web, the malfunctioning of installed software, computer viruses, as well as actions by hackers or other users with access to the web.

  1. Jurisdiction, applicable law and competent court

Relationships between FdP and the user are governed by Italian law and jurisdiction. Without prejudice to mandatory provisions of law, the Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction over disputes concerning these General Terms and Conditions and the relationships governed by them.

  1. Changes

These conditions may be subject to changes which FdP reserves the right to implement unilaterally. In case of substantial changes, FdP will notify the user by prominently posting notice of the changes on its website, by e-mail or other means of communication.